Writing Internship (for students)

About Internships

You can complete a 3-hour internship to fulfill the major’s Writing Practicum requirement, intended to enhance your experiential learning. If you choose this option (rather than ENC 4275 or ENC 3473), you should plan to take the internship course (ENC 4944) a couple of semesters before graduating.

In order to enroll in the course, you must be a junior and have completed ENC 3331 (Rhetoric and Civic Engagement) and ENC 3836 (Professional Lives and Literacy Practices). You must have completed these prerequisites before enrolling in ENC 4944; you will not be allowed to enroll concurrently in ENC 4944 and ENC 3836 or ENC 3331. You cannot count an internship completed for another program or outside of ENC 4944.

Your internship may be paid or unpaid.

DWR Opportunities

If you plan to enter the publishing, editing, or journalism fields, you might consider the possibility of working on an editorial team for IMPRINT, a Web-based magazine of nonfiction student writing; this publication is supervised by Professor Debbie Weaver (Deborah.Weaver@ucf.edu).

Other Opportunities

Our most up-to-date list of internship sites that have taken student interns in the past is available here. Please note that you are not restricted only to sites on this list.

Internship Activities

Your internship is likely to include some combination of the following activities, but must involve substantial writing-related work:

  • Writing and editing
  • Working in and with digital environments, including websites, graphics, and visual presentations
  • Participating in organizational or intercultural communication strategies
  • Conducting professional presentations, meetings, and team building strategies
  • Participating in information design and project management
  • Developing communication materials for government, education, business, scientific and technical fields, or other related fields

Internship Process

Before enrolling in ENC 4944:

  • In the semester prior to beginning your internship, fill out the ENC 4944 Internship Application form and submit it to the Internship Coordinator (Dr. Pavel Zemliansky, pzemliansky@ucf.edu). This form must be approved before you can enroll in the course.
  • On the form please list at least two internship possibilities.
  • If your internship application is approved, you will be notified and provided a code that allows you to sign up for ENC 4944.
  • During the semester prior to your internship, you should prepare to make the most of the experience. Research the organizational culture of the internship choices you listed. This includes dress code, communication norms, time expectations, and professional environment. You should also update your professional portfolio because employers will likely review it.

During the Internship:

  • Participate in ENC 4944, graded A-F, which includes online discussions and progress reports related to your internship activities.
  • At the beginning of ENC 4944, work with the supervisor at your internship site to complete the Internship Position Form and submit it to your course instructor.
  • Complete 120 hours of writing-related work at/for the internship site.
  • Have your internship site supervisor evaluate your performance.

Additional Independent Internships

The Department of Writing and Rhetoric encourages majors to participate in several internships before completing their degrees. Firsthand experience introduces you to organizational culture in addition to expanding your skill set in working with a variety of media and genres. To ensure that you have a positive internship experience, we need to know your plans in order to help you prepare professionally for that experience. Your efforts will represent the quality of our program to the community, so we need to be informed. Even if you are not interested in receiving credit for your internship, you should contact the Internship Coordinator. Documenting the internship experiences our majors have will enable us to build a network of organizations with whom our program can partner.

Protocol Steps:

  • Contact the internship coordinator, Dr. Pavel Zemliansky (pzemliansky@ucf.edu), if you have found an independent internship opportunity you would like to pursue.
  •  Set up an appointment to discuss the internship with the coordinator.
  • Bring an updated resume, writing samples or a link to your e-portfolio, and a draft of a cover letter to the meeting.
  • Once your application materials are complete, the coordinator will assist you in making final arrangements.

Have Questions?

Contact Dr. Stephanie Vie (Stephanie.Vie@ucf.edu), the Director of Undergraduate Programs, or Dr. Pavel Zemliansky, the Internship Coordinator (pzemliansky@ucf.edu) if you have questions.